Match students and employers effortlessly

StudentMatch is a versatile software solution for matching students with employers

When education entities use online tools for connecting employers and students it leads to:

  • Up to 75% increase in employers registrations to career fairs & on-campus interviewing events
  • Up to 85% increase in brand awareness with the careers office
  • Up to 60% more student employment before or shortly after graduation*

Featured customer

We have teamed up with GAF Materials, the leading roofing manufacturer in North America to create their next ground-breaking GAF Roofing Academy student employment project.

Be competitive

Let’s face it: you, as an education entity, need to provide more value than the competition. Your students need to see a clear path towards their chosen career to enroll with you.

Show benefits

Provide real employment and internship listings from employers.

Boast ROI

We will help you maximize your most relevant KPI — the student employment rate.


Maximize employment opportunities and successful applications for students on autopilot.

Cut costs

If you are currently matching students and employers manually, there’s a tremendous value in automating, scaling and simplifying this process.


Both employers and students can sign up and get matched according to their profile data.

Powerful matching

Users can get matches by complex preferences with weighted importance. Looking for a specific experience or location? StudentMatch got you covered.

Start to finish

From a match to a job offer: Let employers and students communicate and make decisions with no friction.

All for the cost of one employee, fully maintained?
Got to see it to believe it!

Product features

We’ve got you covered from the student and employer profile registration up to a job offer!
  • Mobile + desktop
  • Statistics + KPI tracking
  • User membership level management
  • Student/employer matching by predefined criteria with weighted importance.
  • Instant messaging
  • Videochat
  • User forums
  • Events
  • Search with proximity, Google Maps
  • Credit system for monetization
  • Credit card payment integration

… and much more!


Experts in building marketplace/matchmaking applications

At Skalfa, we have been building marketplace and matchmaking applications for businesses and startups since 2004.

We tailor our flagship product for educational entities as a perfect solution for student/employer matchmaking needs.

Product demo

We are preparing a StudentMatch product demo for interested entities. Sign up to register your interest!

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