Child/babysitter matching app

A mobile app to match babysitters and babies by proximity and profile criteria (an Uber for X model)


To build an “Uber for X” type of mobile app that matches children and babysitters by proximity, profile, and search criteria.


Progressive Web App technology with the help of the Ionic framework helped avoid dependence on iOS AppStore and Google Play, avoid installation friction, and streamline accelerated app updates.

Upon researching PWA technology and seeing examples the client decided that the app will benefit from it.

  • Native UI inconsistencies between iOS and Android required some tweaking of the app UI to match the platform;
  • Adaptation of the code for frequent updates of the maturing Ionic framework to keep up with iOS and Android releases;
  • Hardware-sensitive functionality such as location, camera, push notifications required a lot of workarounds during the early days of the Ionic framework.


Progressive Web App (PWA)

Platform: Ionic 2, Angular
Backend: Node.js
Database: MySQL, MirandaDB





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