We make superheroes

We empower customers with reliable software products since 2004. Our current focus is on business applications for customers on the web and mobile platforms.
We build a technical team to tailor to your business process and lead you all the way to the superhero status.

Our expertise


Agile (Scrum)

Project management

Slack, Skype, Trello, TeamWeek, GitHub, BitBucket, Jira, Google Drive, Dropbox

UI & prototyping

Sketch, Invision


LAMP stack, Nginx, jQuery, NodeJs, Webpack, AngularJs, Meteor, TypeScript, Redux


Objective-C, Java, Ionic 2, Cordova for Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Storage engines

NoSQL, MySQL, PostGRE, GraphSQL, MongoDB


Symfony, Laravel, Zend, WordPress, Oxwall, Drupal, etc.


PhpStorm, Visual Studio Code, Xcode

Testing & CI

Unit testing, Jenkins, Selenium

How we do it

We execute software projects in the capacities:

  • As a software development contractor;
  • As a remote IT team for hire.

No matter what your preference is, we deliver it in the way that makes sense for your business.

Projects we build

We execute a wide range of software projects for customers. Review this compilation of NDA-honoring examples of our work.

If your project has a similar field and scope; or you anticipate the same challenges, we do have things to discuss.


Online dating application built for Vietnamese all around the world, and for anyone who love Vietnamese beauty as well.

Last featured project

We are Skalfa

Recruiting & training

We are A players hiring A players. Our strategy is relentless self-perfection, including internal and external training.

Best in class

Customers all over the world, big or small, have been trusting their strategic projects with us. One simple reason: we deliver.

Web, mobile, IOT, you name it

Our specialization is the projects with moving parts of a wide technology range. You need Skalfa to assemble that.

Our Profiles

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