Inbill: full billing solution for customer service

Integration of payment gateways with popular helpdesks.


Build a seamless integration of payment gateways (Stripe and PayPal) with popular helpdesks (such as Zendesk, Intercom).


We built a backend that uses payment gateways’ API to retrieve and manage user subscriptions from the frontend app embedded in the helpdesk interface.

Upon receiving tickets, a support team member instantly sees the entire billing history of the user in question, queried by identifying information (like email). After that the support agent can:

  • Review billing history to find a payment;
  • Issue a refund or cancel a subscription;
  • Make a new charge on credit card on file or start a new subscription;
  • Collaborate with other support agents on any billing issue.
  • Payment gateways have unique implementations of subscriptions, charges and refunds. Each payment gateway is a separate integration with unique challenges;
  • Search speed requirements warranted using Amazon ElasticSearch to service cloud search data.


Platform: Meteor
Database: MongoDB
Payment integration: Stripe, PayPal, Zuora





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