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Years ago, nobody knew how essential mobile technology would become in the coming future, not just for individual usage, but also for entrepreneurial deals and businesses. The evolution of many web and mobile applications has revolutionized from technology to the business world and gave new hope to the market participants for easy, faster, and error-free operation of their online business.

Skalfa has been known as a popular software development company in the United States of America since 2004. It has entered into the world of web and mobile app development solutions for the past decade and now strives to become a global leader in amazing app development solutions.

Skalfa is a reliable partner for all of your development requirements, and it serves customers of all sizes. In addition to Lake Oswego, the company also operates in Toronto, Prague, Tbilisi, and Bishkek. It works in all major web and app development genres, comprising backend, data, fintech, marketplace, media, mobile, and social sites.

“We develop apps for independent startups, multinational enterprises, and government NGOs. We work on agile development principles and always want to see our clients happy and aware of the entire process we accomplish for developing their product,” as Skalfa’s CEO shared.

Skalfa is now focused on Progressive Web App Development solutions, as it is the company’s main selling point for most businesses. Objective-C, Java, Ionic 2, and Cordova are primarily used for Progressive Web App Development (PWA). Symfony, Laravel, Zend, WordPress, Oxwall, and Drupal frameworks are used to create web applications. Every stage of sprint-based project development, changes in the project, and timely delivery of results – everything is carefully informed to the clients during the project proceedings.

Check a client review given below to understand how Skalfa means to its clients:

Some clients have been using Skalfa’s services for over 2 years, like MatchRecruit. The reason behind this bonding is spontaneous support services and exceptional development services by top-notch developers and engineers. Modifying the websites into amazing user-friendly solutions is the company’s forte of the company to retain the customers for long.

The agile approach for development and delivery starts with the project specification at the initial level. Client access is given to the project repository in order to keep tracking all changes happening to the project. All the bugs are communicated, and discrepancies are specified to the developers and project managers at the stage of quality assurance. Proper channels and procedures are followed in project reporting, re-calibration, and final deployment in the live environment.

“We execute the software and app development projects in the capacities of software development contractors and remote IT teams for hire. We are grateful that GoodFirms recognized our capabilities and gave us a platform to grow among soon-to-be top mobile app development companies in the USA,”, Skalfa’s CEO further shared.

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