The Next Web (Amsterdam 2019)

The Next Web conference is one of my favorite tech and startup conferences in Europe. Packed in a limited space, it provides rarely seen quality of startups and presenters.

Gone are the times when just about anyone wanted to launch a photo-sharing app. The current crop of startups is tackling problems from a wide range of areas: robotics, AI, cleantech, blockchain, big data, and even food. Maybe entrepreneurs woke up to the world beyond mobile, or perhaps the TNW selection is just that good. 😉

Keeping a hand on the pulse, we visit these conferences to connect with startups, providers, and investors. Safe to say that no single entity — startup or corporation — can consistently out-innovate or even outpace the market. Working with some of these companies and startups is a great honor, and we will keep making our contribution to all the positive movement in the space.

See you next year TNW!