Activity tracking app

The main challenge was to provide the client not only with app-specific sketches and designs but to prepare the entire stylebook and API for easy onboarding of various development teams in the future.

File sharing app

It was about preparing a working prototype for investor meetings. A classic case of a client with a great and detailed idea, but no skills or means to build it themselves. The challenge was to implement everything exactly the way the client envisioned it.

Ride-sharing app

Client Idea Create a local ride-sharing app with an option to expand in the future. Challenge Combining available local options for shared rides into a single app and making it…

Chers Amis

Working in an unusual environment to understand the needs of a foreign culture and single out the most appropriate and acceptable concepts for speedy implementation. The client also wanted to see the proposed project fully laid out before committing to the design and coding phases.

Hey Hello

Client Idea Initially, the client had no specific idea but wanted to start an online marketplace business on a limited budget. Challenge Figuring out what would work best for the…

Client Idea A fairly straight-forward dating app, but with an option to add additional features later on. Challenge No predefined final set of features for the app made it a…